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Gift a friend lifetime access to The Pelvic Floor Connection.

At Sheela, we believe everyone has a right to the knowledge and tools they need to prevent and treat pelvic floor issues. 

Share this knowledge with those who are special to you.

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The Pelvic Floor Connection

Learn the skill that helps up to 90% of women cure leaks.

Kegels are our best defence against common pelvic floor issues like incontinence and prolapse but for many, they are tricky to do and hard to maintain.

Discover a better way with The Pelvic Floor Connection. 

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Future Proof Your Pelvic Floor

Pelvic floor health education is our MO here at Sheela.

We're developing a comprehensive 6 week course that will help you develop lifestyle habits that can not only help you resolve any pelvic floor issues you might have but prevent you from further decline in the future.

Leaks, incontinence, and prolapse are not a natural part of ageing. 

Learn the skills you need to avoid them.

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