I'm Daire Halpin the founder of Sheela.

I'm an opera singer and mammy to two lively kids. I suffered a pelvic floor injury on the birth of my first child and since then, I've been on a mission to find out everything I can about this vital part of our anatomy.

Pelvic health education is essential for women to prevent and treat common issues like prolapse, pain and incontinence. I can't believe no one teaches this stuff in school.

I founded Sheela to give more women access to the knowledge and tools they need to live their lives free from fear and discomfort.

Exactly the kind of stuff I wish someone had told me.

 Sheela has a vital social mission - to empower women to connect to their bodies and take charge of their pelvic floor health.

 She takes her name from the Sheela-na-gig - a style of medieval statue who can be found on buildings throughout Ireland and Europe proudly displaying her vulva. 

She represents a guide, a trusted friend and a safe feminine space. 

At Sheela, we create free, evidence based, weekly content to empower women to build their own unique road map to health.

We want women to know, although pelvic floor issues are incredibly common, they are not normal and there is help available at any age.

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