Healthy Choices Don't Have To Be Hard

Our recipe booklet contains 4 simple recipes that are high in fibre and protein for smooth digestion and great muscle tone. 

At Sheela, we love a shortcut, so these recipes are freezer and batch friendly - make once and enjoy again and again.

Enjoy these delicious meals regularly to give your body what it needs to avoid constipation and build healthy muscle.

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Fibre First

Healthy recipes for regular digestion and good muscle function.

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High in Fibre

Fibre is essential to keep your digestion regular and avoid constipation which can put pressure on your pelvic floor.

High in Protein

Protein is the building block of muscle. If you want to repair injuries or build up your strength you need protein - especially if you're a woman over 40.

Store Cupboard Ingredients

These recipes use common ingredients you probably already have in the house. No need for expensive specialist foods to have a healthy diet.

Freezer/ Batch Friendly

Make once and enjoy again and again. Healthy choices are much easier when they're on hand.

You Deserve Better 

Pelvic floor issues like incontinence, pain and prolapse affect huge numbers of women - over 60% of women in the UK have at least one of these symptoms (

A diet high in protein and fibre will help you avoid and overcome these issues. 

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