How can Sheela help you? 

If you've ever worried about leaks, wondered what exactly is a pelvic floor, or been confused about kegels, then Sheela is here to help. 

Sheela is on a mission to take the mystery out of pelvic floor health.

We provide practical resources you can explore from the comfort of your own home allowing you to connect with your body and empower you to prevent, manage and treat pelvic floor issues at every stage of your life. 


Use your breath to build a strong mind-body connection.

Build Your Pelvic Floor Connection


Use mindfulness and meditation techniques to reduce stress and build body confidence. 

Reduce Stress and Promote Healing


Integrate pelvic floor health into your everyday activities. 

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Women Deserve Better  

 The stats for women's health are pretty shocking. 

Take pelvic floor issues as an example. 60-80% of women will experience symptoms like leaks, pain, incontinence, or prolapse at some point in their lives.

But, for most, these issues are preventable and treatable. 

We're dedicated to helping you connect with your body so you can discover effective ways to support your health.

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At Sheela, we believe knowing how to take care of ourselves is a right.

That's why we create free, evidence based content to empower you to connect to your body every week.

5 Habits for a Happy Pelvic Floor will walk you through the 5 simplest ways to support your body in your daily life - don't worry there's not an exercise in sight ;)

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5 Habits for a Happy Pelvic Floor

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Meet Sheela

Sheela takes her name from the ancient Sheela-na-Gig who proudly displays her vulva.

We have more of these defiant statues here in Ireland than anywhere else in the world.

We love how Sheela is completely unashamed.

We don't think there should be any shame associated with our bodies. Ever. 

About Sheela
A Sheela-na-gig from Co. Roscommon.


Your Body Matters 

Understanding how to support your pelvic floor health throughout your life will give you better long term health outcomes, more independence, and more confidence.

We think that’s better.

I Deserve Better

Don't know where to start? 

Let us guide you.  

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